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Formation Skydiving (FS) Records

Parachutist Over Phorty (POPS)

Largest Formation:

36 way, 10 September 2006, Langar.

Largest Female Formation:

No Record set.

4 Way POPS Sequential:

22 Points, Sky Vandals, 2014, San Juan Argentina.

4 Way POPS Sequential Competition:

77 Points (5 Rounds), SkyVandals, 2014, San Juan Argentina. (World Record)

6 Way POPS Sequential (65sec):

6 Points, 2019, Hibaldstow. (World Record)

Skydivers Over Sixty (SOS)

Largest SOS Formation:

18 way, 2018 Hibaldstow.

4 Way SOS Sequential (65sec):

24 Points, Siolfur, 2012, Seville Spain. (World Record)

6 Way SOS Sequential (65sec):

6 Points, 2019, Hibaldstow. (World Record)

8 Way SOS Sequential (65sec):

2 Points, 2016, Langar. (World Record)

4 Way SOS Sequential (45sec):

16 Points, Siolfur, 2012, Seville Spain. (World Record)

4 Way SOS Sequential Competition:

47 Pints (5 Rounds), Siolfur, 2012, Teuge Holland. (World Record)

Largest JOS Formation:

12 way, 30th Apr 2022 Hibaldstow. (Ron Wands, Chris Shaw, John Horne, Ian Benzie, Stuart Charlton, Stewart Brookes, Scotty Milne, John Houghland, Eddie McBride, George Raft, Peter Stone, Ken Gregory)

Accuracy Records

Precision Accuracy:

First zero score on a 2cm pad: Glenn Stephenson, 16 July 2007, British Nationals, Germany.

Precision Accuracy:

Three zero scores in a row, (rounds 4,5 and 6), Jeff Chandler, World Cup Series, August 2010, Austria.

Sports Accuracy:

Gold, Niels Hanson, 2012, Teuge Holland. (3 Rounds, 830 Score Teuge Rules)

Other Records


30,720 ft. MSL, Paul French, 24 July 2006, World Freefall Convention, Rantoul, Illinois, USA.

Canopy formation:

No Record set.

Hit and Rock time:

5.22 seconds, Dick Barton, 11 July, 2010, Weston on the Green.

Free Fly Or Vertical Formation:

No Records set.

Wing suiting:

No Records set.

Jumpers Over Seventy (JOS)
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